The Different Types of RC Cars

The radio control or RC cars have already come in bounds and leaps in the previous decade. The days are gone when you are still using the springy metals with wheels that will only turn when it moves. The modernized RC cars are exciting as the full sized racing cars. So, here are the different types of RC cars.
Electric RC cars – the first RC cars were initially powered by batteries or electricity. These are just very simple devices. See page for more info. The electric RC cars are very famous and are not that expensive. The major dilemma with these type of RC car is the lifespan of its battery. But, advances in batter and motor technology have already increased a thousand times into more reasonable degrees. The motor driven cars are now faster but they do not provide the same performance as with the nitro RC cars.
Since these are powered by batteries, then you would definitely need a charger. Usually, it would take around 30 minutes in order to charge your RC car. After that, its power would get low already. But, some hobbyists would purchase an extra battery just to keep their RC moving. Also, portable chargers are available in case you want to know.
Nitro powered RC cars – the modernized nitro engine RC cars have been engineered almost perfectly. It contains nitro powered engines and nitro scale models which are very fast. It would actually reach a speed of 120kph. The acceleration is somewhat the same with the real super cars and its engines could run at 30,000 rounds per minute. The nitro powered RC cars are normally the next step from the electric powered RC cards because these are bigger, stronger, and of course, better engineered.
Petrol powered RC cars – the biggest RC cars are the petrol powered ones. Petroleum is a basic commodity nowadays and it could be found everywhere in the country. The petrol powered RC cars are normally about one fifth of the scale. It could accommodate bigger engine but with more lifelike appearance. Get more info on traxxas x maxx. The petrol powered RC cars are big and not suitable for beginners. Also, the petrol powered RC cars powerful in contrast to the electric powered RC cars because it could run for up to 80 kph.
True enough, the radio controlled cars is one of the many interesting hobbies that car enthusiasts would like to venture. This is mainly due to the fact that racing these cars is equivalently as exciting in terms of racing super cars, its counterpart. Learn more from
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